This Retro-Modern Porsche Le Mans Racer Was Created by Designers at a Chinese Automaker

The 908-04 concept was developed as a homage to the classic longtail Porsche racer spliced with modern racing DNA. It looks absolutely stunning.

Renderings of cars we hope might exist one day pop up all the time, but rarely does one catch our eye like this. It’s a longtail racecar design study put together by a group of car designers during their free time, and it looks absolutely perfect.

Porsche Vision GT

The Porsche 908-04 Concept, as the team calls it, is a side project put together by designers working at Chery, a Chinese automaker. As you can see from the pictures, the car is a modern-day interpretation of Porsche’s 1969 908/02 Le Mans race car, mixed in with features from the company’s modern 918 Spyder hypercar and 919 Hybrid Le Mans winner.

Porsche Vision GT

The interior is just as incredible, with a holographic instrument cluster, bucket seats, and even a wooden shift knob. Wonder where they got that idea.

Porsche liked the team’s design so much that the company invited them to its headquarters in Stuttgart to present them with a scale model of the car.

Porsche Vision GT

The team even designed a road version of the car. We’er not sure which is cooler. You be the judge. Hopefully one day this car will become reality. One day.

Porsche Vision GT
Porsche Vision GT
Porsche Vision GT

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Source: Road And Track

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